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Ah....a Journal....what better way to introduce myself?

Very well.

My name is Kristian and I'm currently 18 years old. My birthday is on the 21st of May, which makes me either Gemini or Taurus, depending on what Horoscope you read.

I live in Bulgaria, a very small European country that's located on the Balkans. It's not as bad as a 3rd world country, but I make do.

By nature I am very curious, always wanting to know more and pursuing the truth. Knowledge sustains me as I can go on hours without eating if I'm reading an entrancing book.

I don't like team-based sports. They make me feel like I'm blending in rather than standing out. That's why I practice swimming during the summer, in both the sea and in outdoor pools.

I'm very knowledgeable about gaming, even if I'm too poor to own any consoles. I usually spend my game time on the PC, or playing my PSP at school.

My game related passion would have to be RPGs, with my top 3 being Mass Effect, Diablo and Shin Megami Tensei Persona.

I believe to have what I personally call "selective memory", meaning I only remember useless facts and game-related things rather than what they teach me at school >.<

I've stopped watching movies, since anything good they show on cinema is either a book/comic/game adaptation, or an unoriginal story.

On the other hand, I've become engrossed with watching good anime, since I feel that japanese animation is amazing in both stories and environments.

I own 2 pet birds. They're both small and green-feathered. I like listening to them sing. Birds are probably my favourite animals.

I'm very punctual and make sure to always get to school, meetings, etc on time. I dislike people that consistently arrive late.

I currently play a lot of LoL in my free time. Nickname is Jolan there, I'm on the US server since most of my friends play there as well.

I like reading good stories, even if they're fanfiction. My personal favourite would have to be Persona 3 : Fairly English Story. It's a really good retelling of the entire Persona 3 canon.

I don't like spending time outside. The weather is always my arch-enemy, making sure it's cold or it rains whenever I feel like going out. I still meet up with friends for a cup'o'coffee and chat though.

I'm way more immature in person than over the internet. Not socially awkward, but mostly impossible to follow logic ^_^ I feel like typing lets me focus my thoughts easier for other people to understand compared to regular speech.

I like to daydream whenever I walk to school. Creating my own little worlds, with their own little stories, it makes time pass really fast as I get to my destination.  

I started learning English when I was 4 or 5, from Cartoon Network. Got my Certificate of Advanced English with an A at the age of 15. Just recently scored 117/120 on TOEFL iBT as well.

I've done a lot of selfstudy on Russian too, enough to be able to understand what people say and form casual conversations. Decided to do the same for German, but it's a tougher language >.<

I like people that can draw, as it's a talent I personally lack. Looking at someone else's expressions through pictures always makes me happy and lifts my spirits.

That's all that I can think of for now. ^_^

Oh! I love Touhou. (9)s for everyone!




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So, Summoner, were you able to deduce the workings of the hidden blade, or do you still think you need my help? Of course, with my intellect, it may end up in a form too complicated for you to repair on your own...
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